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sky-help-logoThe SKY UK satellite television community has never been bigger all accross Europe. SKY UK TV is the largest satellite television provider in England and also throuhout Europe.


Our FREE tutorial video collection is designed to help beginners and those wishing to learn more about Sky TV. Fix easily common Sky issues with video tutorials in this section. We have guides for new and old EPG (electronic program guide) software. You can also watch the Sky tutorials on your ipad or iphone or any other mobile device.

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Welcome to our Sky Community Forum. In our Sky abroad forum we deal with Sky UK reception reports for most European countries and how to get started. Here you can ask questions or browse through already posted Sky related topics to get you Sky query solved.

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sky-3d-in-EuropeBe the first to see the Barclays Premier League and the Rugby League, live on Sky 3D. Enjoy movies and sports on Sky 3D. When the 3D feature is activated, all you need to do is switch your 3D TV into 3D mode, put on your 3D glasses and enjoy Sky’s amazing 3D previews. Sky 3D will work with both passive and active technology. To get FREE Sky 3D you need the Sky World HD package + 3D television.

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Sky UK support and connecting platform for Europe

With more than 60 high definition channels and over 400 English speaking channels - a MUST HAVE for all expats and fans of original English language satellite television. For all of you watching SKY UK television abroad, this website is for you. We are not part of Sky Digital UK.

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How to change Sky HD hard drive

How to change Sky HD box hard drive (Amstrad Sky HD box) This tutorial will show you how to upgrade or change the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) in your Sky / Amstrad HD DRX780UK set top box. Sometimes...

Sky Software Update

Sky Software Update - Guide If your Sky box has an old software / EPG version you might need to update your system. The Sky Software Update improves the operation of the box and...

Sky Single Feed Mode

Single Feed Mode - Guide (Sky HD Box) If you have downloaded or received the new Sky+ HD Guide and your Sky+ HD box is installed with a single satellite feed, please follow the steps...

Sky Manual Tuning

Manual Tuning The channels in the Sky line-up all come from the Astra satellites at 28.2 east and Eurobird at 28.5 east. Apart from those channels with numbers on the Electronic Programme...

Program your Sky Remote

Program your Sky Remote The Sky remote of all sky boxes can be programmed for almost all TV's so the volume button of the remote changes the volume of the TV. The Sky boxes DO NOT...

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Let us know where you watch English satellite television. - The Sky UK support and connecting platform for all European countries

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