Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Sky Planner Rebuild

Sky Planner Rebuild

Planner Rebuild / Format Hard DriveIf you have difficulties accessing your Recordings or Sky Planner,  your hard drive might be full or has corrupted recordings stored, causing the issue.

A failed recording can occur when the total storage space for the programme recorded is less than the amount of disk space used leading to lost disk space. To confirm that there is lost disk space:

  1. Press TV GUIDE followed by the green button on your Sky+ HD remote control.
  2. Highlight the last recorded programme using the up/down arrows.
  3. If the yellow event size indicator at the top of the screen shows a gap before the right hand side of the dark blue bar then there is lost disk space.

Once you have identified that you have lost space, rebuilding the planner should rectify the problem.

Planner Rebuild Procedure

  1. Switch off at the mains
  2. Holding Left and Right navigation buttons, switch power on and hold for about 30 seconds until Green play light comes on
  3. Press SELECT'
  4. The 'play-light' will then rotate clockwise while the resetting procedure takes place. This may take up to 3 minutes. (This timing could vary if there are no programmes stored in the hard drive)
  5. It then reverts to 'Standby'
  6. Leave the machine for 2 minutes while hard drive re-formats.

Please Note: The Planner Rebuild process will stop all recordings currently in progress and reboot your Sky box. Recordings in your planner will not be deleted. If there is a recording in progress you may wish to wait until the recording is complete before performing the planner rebuild.

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